{[*Easy#} How to Root HTC Desire HD, Install S-Off and Clockway Recovery

Here I am going to share an easy and working guide for rooting of the HTC desire HD Smartphone or how to Root HTC Desire HD . We will also take a look on another guide for get S-Off in order to flash radio images in very easy steps. Just read carefully and follow all of my steps. I sure that you will do this all of step very easily for How to Root HTC Desire HD.

How to Root HTC Desire HD

How to Root HTC Desire HD, Install S-Off and Clockway Recovery

How to Root HTC Desire HD

First we start from starting step.

  1. First you have to download Paul’s visionary + Tool. You can easily download this tool by following the link.


1.1-After  successful download of this tool, now you  have to install this tool on your DHD. We are guiding you how you have to install it. Click on Run It, and  after that you have to “enable Set System r/w After Root”. How to Root HTC Desire HD

1.2-Now you will see the option of “Temproot Now!”, click on this option, and wait until it is finished.

1.3-Now after finishing this option, you have to click on “Click Attempt Permroot Now!”

After clicking on this option, DHD will automatically reboot, you have to do nothing in this step.

1.4-  Now it’s done, for testing that every thing went in right step, then you have to download “terminal Emulator”from  Android market. After install this app, now run it and type su.

Now we will see that how we will know that our step was right or wrong, then after typing su, if you will get after that sign #, then it means that everything is right.

Now this step is completed.

We will move on our 2nd Step of HBOOT to get S-Off. How to Root HTC Desire HD

Step Of HBOOT To Get S-Off

2.– For this step, first you have to install engineering version of HBOOT to get S-Off.

2.1-  Now you have to download sfjuocekr DHD script for flashing HBOOT from our given following link.


2.2- After download, first Unzip it and copy this to your SDCard. Before copying, first check that your SD card root directory with name DHD and also all files inside this directory.

2.3-You have to Rename DHD-smart folder on your SDCard to DHD.

2.4- Now again start Terminal Emulator, and after starting this tool, type su

2.5-Now type “sh/sdcard/DHD/check

2.6- If all this step went fine the again type- sh/sdcard/DHD/backup

2.7- After this step, proceed with sh/sdcard/DHD/hboot

Congrats you have done all of your step in easy way. Now this command will install HBOOT which have S-Off turned Off. How to Root HTC Desire HD

Let’s go to another step in Clockway recovery

3.For start this step, you have to install custom recovery image

3.1-After that download and install custom clockwise image

3.2-Now in this step you have to run android market app on your DHD, and after that download ROM manager app from Android market. After download, install the ROM Manager. How to Root HTC Desire HD

3.3- For installing ROM Manager, first click on Run ROM Manager, and after that you have to select the first option from that. The first option will be of “Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery”

3.4-After completing this step, now wait until ROM Manager installation went successfully, and a message will show that your current version of ClockWorkMode is

3.5- Now you have to reboot into recovery to test that all of our step went in the right way.

3.6-You should care about that DHD should reboot in CloclWork recovery Manager.

Congrats all steps are completed of How to Root HTC Desire HD. Now you can enjoy of your HTC desire HD Smartphone.

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